Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween, Take 2!

Yesterday, our neighborhood had a Halloween parade/party! We were invited to it last year (even though we didn't live here yet) but we couldn't make it for some reason. So we were excited to attend it this year.

We got lucky and the weather held out for us. It was grey and chilly, but it didn't rain so that was perfect!

We all met in front of one neighbor's house and they had one of the town fire trucks there waiting! We all got lined up and the fire truck led us in a parade around the neighborhood!

After the parade, all of the kids got together for a group photo:

Avery and Cassandra:
Then they let the kids take a look at the truck. Avery got up in it and had a seat, and then was not interested in it at was sort of funny. She had no desire to look at it!
One neighbor opened up her garage to everyone and had tables set up with drinks and snacks (we all brought something)....there was a lot of goodies!!  The kids ran around and had fun and it was nice seeing everyone in costume before Halloween! We had a really great time!

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