Sunday, June 30, 2013

Care Bear Party!

Yesterday we celebrated our big girl's 4th birthday! 

She chose to have a Care Bears party this year. We let her choose her theme and that's what she decided on! Bring on the flashbacks to when I was her age! Crazy!!

We prepped all week for the party cleaning the house, running errands, etc. And on Friday, some rainbows started to appear in the form of cake fun little experiment for the party (more to come on that soon!)!

Avery woke up yesterday raring to go and ready to party. Of course she had to wait until 3pm for it to start! I started working on decorating her cake at around 9am. It took about an hour and a half and it was done! I was pretty happy with how it turned out!

Decorations were put up, balloons bought...we were ready to party!
And two little girls just bursting with excitement!
The day started out very ugly. It rained pretty much all morning and I was dreading having 35 people inside tearing up the house. I ran out to get the balloons around 1 and it looked like the sun was going to peek out. Sure enough, by party time, it was all blue skies and sunshine....ended up the perfect day for a party-yay!
And good weather means bringing out the bounce house! Yahoo!

While the kids played, we got the food all set up....and more rainbows:
like the rainbow? We had purple cups too!

Loved this...huge hit too!
After we ate (burgers, hot dogs, pasta salad, green salad, beans), the kids did a quick game of pin the belly badge on the care bear (game courtesy of my husband!):

My Aunt and Uncle, Dad and Colleen
Then it was present time...

And time for cake....

And my rainbow cake looked awesome!
Strawberry buttercream filling and regular buttercream frosting

I totally loved how it came out!
Once cake was all cleaned up, I brought out our last batch of rainbows...a rainbow candy buffet for the kids! This is what I decided to do for their favors and it was a huge hit! I hate the little knick knacks that kids get at parties-it almost always goes in the trash (sssshhhh don't tell the kids that!). So I figured I'd spend money on something that would get used (eaten!) instead. And everyone loved it!
runts, M&M's, gummy worms, gummy fruits, starburst, skittles, spree, gumballs
And of course I had to try and get a few family shots while I had someone else there to use my camera!
Miss Cassandra

Gabe, Avery, Cass, and I

All of us with my in-laws
The party was a lot of fun-everyone had a great time! We're so thankful to have the family and friends that we have and we are so glad we got to celebrate our girl with them!!


Joelle said...

that cake looks amazing!
I love the design too! How did you get that on the cake?

Nicole said...

I did an edible image-ordered it online and put it on the's my new go-to thing since it's so easy!