Thursday, June 13, 2013

Garden Party

Yesterday was Avery's end of the year Garden Party at daycare.

Gabe and I left work early so that we could attend!
The kids all paraded out and took their seats.
Then they did some wiggle song:
FYI she does have shorts on-I realize this looks like a super short dress!
and during that song Avery started this:
She kind of looks like a go-go dancer, no?!
which, when the wiggle song ended, lead to a full out meltdown! She came running up to Gabe and sat on his lap and basically screamed/cried the entire show! So, needless to say, I don't have any other pictures because she wasn't taking part in it! We have no idea what sparked this whole thing, but it's definitely a first for her!

Anyways, the show was really cute and we were pretty disappointed (as were her friends) that she didn't participate, especially because this will be her last show since the daycare is closing. After the show, they had lots of nice snacks to was super cute!

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