Sunday, June 9, 2013

Enjoying Outside

The weather was perfect today so we spent a good chunk of it outside!

First, we set up the little pool, per Avery's request and both girls dove right in...Cassandra was fully clothed!
This girl just cracks me up-she actually kept her shades on the whole time!
see the little water splashes?!

Avery had a blast-big change from a few years ago when we couldn't get her near a pool! Now we just have to work on the whole swimming thing!
Cass saying "cheese":

After rest time, we went to feed the ducks! Unfortunately there weren't a lot of them and the ones that were there didn't seem too hungry. I assume with the nice weather they had a lot of visitors today! Avery still had fun feeding them!

We found these little babies too....

It was such a gorgeous day-if only every day were like this!!

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Joelle said...

I am right with you on "now we have to work on the swimming thing".. I don't want to push her, im just glad she likes the water right now!