Monday, June 24, 2013

Seventeen Months Old!

Yesterday Cassandra turned seventeen months old!

She's still wearing mainly 12 month clothes now. Still in size 3 diapers for day and size 4 for overnight.

Her sleeping is still the same-11-12 hours overnight and an afternoon nap. She has some nights here and there where she cries for a minute but then she'll fall right back to sleep which is good. She also has some nights where it takes her a long time to fall asleep-but she rarely cries. She mostly just plays in her crib and babbles until she falls asleep.

She's still a pretty good eater. She seems to be getting pickier as time goes on though. She used to love meat-chicken, beef, she won't touch any of it. As soon as she sees it, she throws it on the floor. She won't even try it! She still loves her fruit though-I swear it's pretty much all she eats some meals! She tried kiwi this month and loved it! Big surprise! Haha!

This girl is quite the chatterbox. She says so many things I'm sure I forget to write half of them down! Words that I did write down for this month include:  "bye poopy!", "book", "A-vy" (Avery), "hair", "eye", "ear", "bee ba-bo" (poopy diaper), "ni moo" (Goodnight Moon), "old lady", "hush", "hold it", "why?", "oh boy". One new thing you do all of the time is go "mmm hmmm" and it's so funny! Whenever we ask you something, that's how you respond! You also ask "why?" about everything, especially if we tell you "no" for something! You also have started trying to sing along with me, especially for "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"'s so cute!

Over Memorial Day weekend, you really became a walker! I'd say you half walked, half crawled for maybe a week and then there was no turning back! Once you figured out the walking thing, you barely crawled ever again!  We also got you your first pair of real walking shoes!

Early this month your separation anxiety really kicked in. I couldn't leave the room without you freaking out and yelling "MAMA!" If I wasn't around, no problem. If you knew I was around, forget had to be glued to my side!  I'm hoping it doesn't last too long because it's hard to do anything (like going to the bathroom, etc) some days!

Let's just say that taking your picture is next to impossible don't care for it one bit! As soon as I put you in the chair, all you want to do is either rock the chair like a crazy girl or climb out. So I really don't have any great ones this time around!

can you tell we're trying to distract her?

saying "old lady" while looking at Goodnight Moon

rocking the chair
My faves:

reading her book

starting to assume "the position"

assuming the position....she does this!
Flashback: Avery at seventeen months old!

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