Sunday, November 28, 2010

Seventeen Months Old!

Avery turned seventeen months old yesterday!

She now is very close to having 16 teeth...her last canine is breaking through as I type.

For the most part, she's still a good eater. It's been a struggle getting her into her high chair some days though. I don't know if she's just not hungry, or doesn't like the high chair, but we've been doing some games with her lately to get her in it.

Her sleep schedule is still the same-11/12 hours overnight with an afternoon nap. We had a few rough nights a few days ago with her up overnight, but I'm thinking it was from that last tooth coming in. She was up one night for 3 hours in the middle of the night and another night, she just woke up a lot-we didn't have to go in to see her, but she was just up frequently which isn't her norm.

Her latest obsession is with dolls (she calls them "babies"). She carries them everywhere and knows how to rock and burp them. It's so cute!

She learns stuff so fast! I showed her the letter "S" on one of my sweatshirts and now she can say "S" and finds it on things. She also can identify the letters A, C, L, O, R, S, Y. She picks up on them pretty quickly.

Some new words for this month include: "Tasha" (my Dad's dog), "all done", "happy", "pocket", "moon", "hop" (she loves the book Hop on Pop), "bath", "off", "duck", "ho, ho, ho" and she tries to say her name but it comes out "A-ya". We also have asked her where the poo-poo is and she points to her butt. It feels like this month she learned a lot of new words! She also does the sign for "dog" now too.

Here are the pics I took of her:
Showing off her new winter gear!

With her giraffe and babies:

Showing her teeth:

Giving kisses:
and hugs:
My favorites:

Saying "ho ho ho!"

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