Saturday, November 20, 2010

NYC Bound

I have never been to New York City.


Gabe has been many times with his family but has never been for the holidays.

We talked about it and decided we wanted to try and go before Christmas this year. Gabe has some hotel points racked up so our hotel stay would be free. We've been keeping an eye on flights for awhile and today we finally booked them.

In 3 weeks from now we will be in NYC!

We will arrive there around 1pm on Friday and we fly out around 1pm on Sunday. So we literally have less than 48 hours to spend there. I'm excited to go and experience the Big Apple all decked out for the holidays and I think Avery will have fun watching everything around her.

So those of you who have been, what should we do? Remember we'll have a 17 month old in tow!

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