Thursday, November 11, 2010

Our Second "Surgery"

We all know what Avery's first surgery was....

Last night we attempted #2.

I noticed at dinner last night that Avery had a decent sized sliver in her hand. It was all red and sore to the touch-she didn't want us touching it. So after dinner, we attempted to take it out.

I tried first-sterilized some tweezers and while Gabe held her, I tried getting it. Well, little miss squirmy didn't approve and I didn't get very far.

So Gabe tried while I held her. The problem was that the sliver wasn't sticking out of the skin at all. So you couldn't just grab it with the tweezers. That sucker was under the skin so Gabe was trying to break the skin to get it out...again, didn't work. She just screamed her head off. I felt so bad!

After our failed attempts and a very tired and unhappy girl, we decided it would be worth the $20 copay to take her to the doctors and have them remove it.

So this morning, Gabe took her to the doctors. She didn't see her normal doc, she saw the "sliver expert" instead. I guess it took about 30 seconds of probing with a needle, but she got it out. Avery wasn't thrilled with it, but did much better than she did with us last night.

So, "surgery" #2 was a success!

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