Saturday, June 22, 2013

Grad Party

Today we went to Buffalo for my Goddaughter/cousin's high school graduation party!

We went straight there from home and most people were there already.

The nice cake:
Cassandra was obsessed with playing with the coolers for the drinks. She kept playing with the ice and the freezing water. Her hands were purple! She couldn't get enough of it!

Avery picked out her own outfit, which was so adorable:
We had a nice lunch, then my cousin Kayla cut her cake:

Cass munched on a cupcake and loved it!
Avery found this game outside that was sort of like a bean bag throw...she was pretty darn good at it!
My girlies:
Cupcake #2 for Cass....

Kayla and I:
And some family shots:
Gabe, Cass, Avery, Aunt Pat, Kayla, Mom and I

Aunt Bonnie, Aunt Pat, Mom (the 3 sisters) and Kayla
We had a nice time at the party! We got to see some family that was in from out of town. It was hard getting to talk to everyone though since we were all chasing our kids around most of the time!  My cousin will be going to college out near us in Rochester, so hopefully we'll get to see her some more while she's out this way! We stayed a few hours at the party, then headed to my Mom's to relax for the rest of the day.

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