Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Back-The Problem

I think I mentioned awhile ago that I would write on here about my back issues and then never did. And it didn't cross my mind until a few days ago.  So, here it is!

Let's rewind the clocks back to when Avery was 18mos old (Dec 2010 roughly). I went to put her down in her crib for her nap and had the worst breath-taking pain in my back ever. I refer to it as my back "giving out" on me for lack of a better term. It's hard to describe what it feels like-sort of like a muscle spasm that lasts several seconds but in those several seconds you can't move and it literally takes your breath away.

Anyways, that first time sort of sparked the problem. It would happen sporadically and it would be at random times. I could be lifting, twisting, or just sitting in a chair and it would happen. It was never a consistent movement that would make it hurt. At first it would happen every few months. Just once or twice in a day and then I'd be fine for a few months again.

In March 2011 I had a physical with my physician and mentioned it to him. He just gave me some back exercises to do and said I probably pulled a muscle. The back exercises didn't really do much and I was still having spasms every few months.

Throughout my pregnancy with Cassandra, it would still happen here and there. A few months after she was born, things got worse. I'd say that summer the spasms became much more frequent. Instead of having a few months of reprieve, I would have a few weeks, sometimes only a few days. And instead of it happening once a day, it would be up to 10 times a day. It seemed to get more frequent as the months went by.

In December 2012 I had a few days where it happened several times a day for several days in a row. I ended up calling my physician again and saw him just for that reason. I told him the back exercises weren't helping and he felt around but didn't really feel anything. He said I could try a massage therapist or a chiropractor if I wanted or I could do muscle relaxers.  I really didn't want to take pills if I didn't have to and of course while the massage would be great, it's not covered by insurance. So I thought I'd try a chiropractor to see what they had to say.

A few people I know go to the same practice, Pace Family Chiropractic.  I gave them a call and was glad that I didn't need a referral or anything to be seen which was great. And they got me in within a week of calling (I was fearing for a new consult I'd be waiting months like I did for my allergist). I'll admit, I was a little nervous/anxious about the whole thing, but figured it was worth a shot!

Stay tuned for my first appointment and progress!

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