Saturday, February 27, 2010

Eight Months Old!

My baby girl is eight months old today! Only a few more months until she's 1-that's just crazy!

She has learned a lot this month-sitting unassisted, going from lying down to sitting up, army crawling, rocking on her hands and knees, and getting tooth #2.

She's tried some new foods this month-peaches (she HATES them), mashed potatoes, yogurt, pears, and graham crackers. She is just starting to try and feed herself. We give her the little puffs and she really tries to get them in her mouth. She doesn't have the pincher grasp down just yet, but she does find a way to get them in her mouth.

She loves playing with her Fisher Price fish and fish bowl set that we got at my baby shower. She loves taking the fish out of the bowl and shaking them!

Her other recent obsession is with Gabe's slippers! I have no idea why, but she loves them and will crawl across the room to get them. My slippers she doesn't care about, but his are like diamonds to her! It's pretty funny!

Today's photo session didn't go as smoothly as I hoped. When I got the sticker on her onesie all she did was want to play with it:

Then I put the giraffe next to her and she wanted to eat it:

After that, all she wanted was my camera...she kept lunging forward to get on her belly to try and reach it. It took a lot of distracting her to get a few good shots of her!

I even tried her toothbrush as a distraction:

Look at those cheeks:

This is my darn cute:

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