Monday, February 8, 2010


A blog was brought to my attention yesterday that totally moved me. I go on a chatboard pretty often and someone posted the link to this blog entry. Of course I had to read it to check it out.

If you haven't read the entry yet, please do so before you keep reading...I don't want to spoil anything for you! Just let me caution you-grab some will need them I'm sure.

Here it is.





(still waiting)

(finished yet?)

I'll start by saying I was afraid to read the entry. I've clicked on links to blogs before only to find it's a post about someone's child passing away or the likes. Yes it's tragic, yes you can share that story...but those are very hard for me to read. So when I started reading this entry I'll admit I wasn't sure I would like it very much.

I was wrong. WAY wrong!

Yes it is depressing-her child has Down's Syndrome and they were not aware of it ahead of time.

But what totally caught me was the way the story was written. Holy cow-her blog puts mine to shame (can you tell I was a math/science geek and not a fan of writing?). The way she shared her story just blew me away. I was sucked in after a few sentences and had to see how it ended.

And the pictures! It was like she had a professional photographer there in the hospital room with her! I wish I had photos like that-WOW! (Edit-come to find out the woman IS a professional photographer! That explains it!)

I think the other thing that impressed me was how she remembered so much-it seemed like every detail was stuck in her head. I wish I could remember the day Avery was born that well. I'm sad to say that I can't. Yes, I remember it-I remember pieces of it, but I could never go into the detail that she did.

The story was very touching-I think she shared and vocalized a lot of feelings that many people would think in that situation, but wouldn't come out and say. I felt her pain, her sorrow, her shock. Things that would go through your head at that moment that you can't get out. Is anyone really prepared for a child with a disability? You might say you are, but what if that were you? Very thought provoking....

Simply beautiful, raw, and honest. That's what that post is. And I'm still thinking of it 24 hours later.

I'm speechless.

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Miss Em said...

I completely agree! Amazing. What an incredibly honest, touching story. You can feel the love. Thank you for the link. I needed a happy ending today.