Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy First Valentine's Day Avery!

Happy Love Day!

Yes it's the day to celebrate everything about love-falling in love, looking for love and being in love.

A holiday I really don't care too much about...I mean, do you really need a day designated to tell someone you love them? If you love someone, you should tell them everyday....or at least not when a calendar (or Hallmark) tells you to. Just my opinion....

Gabe and I don't really do gifts for Valentine's Day. Our "gift" is going out to a nice dinner. This year we went to one of our faves, 2 vine. We haven't been in a very long time-like pre-Avery time. My Mom was nice enough to come out and babysit for us so we could enjoy a nice baby free dinner. And it was very yummy.

On Valentine's Day we just exchanged cards (from us and Avery) then went to his parent's house for dinner with everyone. We haven't done that in a long time either. Avery got a nice teething caterpillar from his parents:

Owen got some planes and helicopters:

Bianca was running around:

And Gabe got to hold his 2 girls:

Did I mention that I spent Saturday making Valentine's for Avery for daycare? Yes, apparently 7 month olds need to exchange valentine's. And not just the cards, a treat too! I didn't take a picture of what I made (darn!) but they turned out cute-I cut hearts out of red paper and put the kids' name on it with a message inside from Avery. Then I filled a baggie with some candy for each kid. Oh the fun just begins-you think when they're this young you can get away without doing this stuff...apparently not anymore. Those days are gone! She made out pretty well at daycare-a cool glass, a sucker, some chocolate, M&M's....of course Mommy and Daddy will be helping her eat it ;)

Happy Valentine's Day!

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