Friday, February 26, 2010

Snowy Day

We have lucked out in the weather department this winter so real big snow storms. Until today. Yesterday while I was at work, it snowed all day but none of it stuck at all. Well when I woke up this morning this is what it looked like outside:

The view of our deck area (our grill far left):

Looking out the front window-yes that's my car to the far left!!

Thankfully it was my day off so I didn't have to worry about going anywhere. Gabe was parked on the street so he could get his car out with a little bit of rocking. If I had to go anywhere, it would not have been fun. And the best part? It continued to snow Avery and I had a nice day holed up in the house.
I got a good tooth shot:

And a semi-smile:

She played with her finger puppets:

And her fish and fishbowl:

We looked at our hands:

And Avery showed off her new talent:

We had a pretty nice day (although she did not take an afternoon nap for me!) and were happy to be comfy cozy in the house and not braving the elements.

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