Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rockin' the Tail...

...the ponytail that is!

Today Avery and I relaxed at home and I finally decided to try a ponytail in her hair! Lord knows she has a decent amount and it's getting pretty long on top. So why not?

And tell me how freakin' cute she is!

Of course the hands have to be in the mouth:

Smiley girl!

Love this one!

Today Avery did a new trick for me...she was lying down on the floor sort of on her side then pushed herself up to sitting! She did it once while we were playing then did it several times in her crib when we were getting her ready for her bath! Here she is sitting up:

She definitely wants to move! Today she also was lying on her tummy and would push up on her hands and then lift her hips up off of the floor-I have a feeling she'll be trying to crawl in no time!

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tab890 said...

ohmygoodness, how CUTE is that little ponytail?! She has the best expressions in your pictures