Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Finally Finalized

Last year sometime when I was pregnant...I think around April, Gabe and I met with a lawyer to draft our will.

Morbid? Yes.

Necessary? Yes.

Well, this process was a little ridiculous. We got them all of the info they needed then nothing.

It took them forever to get a draft to us to edit. Gabe got his first and I think all of it was fine. When I got mine (in November-yes, November-it took them 7months to get it to me!) there were a few mistakes in it. Gabe contacted them and told them about the mistakes. They said they would fix them and contact us to come in and sign the documents.

And then?


So here we are in February almost a year later with no will. The whole point of having this done was so that it would be finished before Avery arrived. I wanted it done in case (God forbid) something happened to me in labor.

So I called them last week ready to really bitch. Gabe had already emailed them once before threatening to go elsewhere which got them to respond right away. Well after months and still no will, I was really not happy. So I called last week ready to do whatever needed to get this done.

The woman I talked to claimed that after they sent my documents in November that they never heard from us. Wrong! I told her Gabe emailed with the mistakes that needed correction and we were to be contacted when it was correct. She claimed she never got the email and that their system has been messed up....whatever. Anyways, I told her over the phone what was wrong and set up an appointment for this week to finalize things.

So today was FINALLY the day-I went in and it took a whopping 5minutes to get it all done (Gee with it being that difficult you would think it could have been done last year like it SHOULD have!).

Now I officially have a will, a health care proxy and power of attorney. Just another thing to make me feel like an adult. At least now I know if something happens to me, my shit will be taken care of!

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