Saturday, October 3, 2009

Clam Bake, etc.

We had a pretty good weekend this past weekend.

Saturday we took Avery for her 3 months pictures at JC Penney's. Even though she wasn't feeling well, she was still all smiles and in a great mood which was nice. They got some really cute shots of her-can't wait to get them! After that we did some running around and went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner.

Sunday we had Gabe's family clam bake that they do every fall. It was at a park out in Ogden/Spencerport area. The entire family goes so it's nice to see everyone. Some of them hadn't met Avery yet so it was nice that they finally got to see her before she got too big! Of course I don't eat the clams, but they had plenty of other grub to eat! We had a nice time and it was a pretty decent day for it.

Today was back to work. The highlight of the day was that Gabe got Avery to laugh for the first time! He was kissing her belly and she was laughing! It was soooo cute!

These are a few pics from late last week of Avery playing...
Some rattle shots:

Hugging her lamby:


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Molly said...

Cute baby, but who is that hairy guy holding her?!?!?