Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Not Fair

Today at worked sucked....

We got word a few weeks ago that things were not looking good at work budget-wise. Numbers are down from where they were and they were thinking of some budget cuts. Our manager had a meeting coming up with her higher-ups so it was just a matter of time to see what was happening. Her meeting was 2 weeks ago and right away we found out one of the PT employees was going over to the hospital to work (she already worked there 2 days and then with us 2 days). So that was one employee down. We hadn't heard anything since then, so we assumed that was all.

Boy were we wrong and got a shocker today! Our manager approached each of us around 3pm and alerted us we were having a "pow-wow" after hours meeting today and that everyone was to attend. Our day ends at 430 and around 4, a human resources rep showed up-so that made us all uneasy. Around 415 the new girl at work (she was just hired 3 months ago) was in with the HR rep and came out in tears saying as of today she's done working with us. A few minutes later, another girl was in with the HR rep. While she was in there, our manager rounded us all up and met with us and told us those 2 employees were finished as of today! No previous notice to them...nothing. It sucks.

I feel bad for the new girl-she just got hired and went through all this training. She's young and fresh out of college and was so excited and happy to be with us-and she was great! I feel awful about it-she was so upset and in tears-she got fired from her first "real" job basically.

I feel even worse for the other girl. She's been there longer than me-probably 3-4 years. She's a single Mom with 2 kids-what the hell is she supposed to do?! She has a family to support! And now no income....they did say she was getting some sort of severance package, but I'm sure it's not much. It just sucks. She was one of my closest work friends too so I'm really going to miss her-she is such a great person inside and out. She was also my walking buddy during lunch.

So work is not going to be the same now....we're down 2 people (we only had 12 to start) so we'll all be covering each other's jobs like crazy-which probably means a lot more stress and a lot more illness due to stress. Not fun....not fun at all. And now I think we're all on edge-what if we're next? You just never know....