Saturday, October 10, 2009

Four Day Weekend

I have a four day weekend this week-I was asked to switch my Monday shift for next Friday so a four day weekend for me! Yesterday Avery and I didn't do much-we just took my car to get the oil changed and tires rotated. Then we all went to a local restaurant for dinner. Nothing too exciting.

Today I got up and went to the gym. Gabe and I took Avery for a walk since it was nice and sunny out. We haven't been on a walk in awhile so it was nice to get out and enjoy the weather....especially since we won't have too many of these days left before the "s" word. Not sure what we're doing tonight. Maybe go to the Carter's store and out to eat? We'll see.

Tomorrow we're going to the in-laws' for my Father-in-law's birthday party so that'll be nice. Other than that, not much else planned.

Here are a few pics of Avery from the week:

Wearing some pumpkin gear from Grandma (she struck this pose all by herself!):

Daddy and his two girls:

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