Sunday, October 25, 2009

Playing at Grandma's

We went to Buffalo yesterday for a visit. We haven't been in awhile so we were due. Since it was nice out, Avery wore a new pretty dress-with shoes and all (although they didn't stay on very well at all):

Avery had fun playing with the play mat at my Mom's house:

Yesterday we just relaxed all day at her house and she got a lot of visiting time in. My Mom and Aunt made us dinner which was yummy of course! Then my Mom gave Avery a bath. She didn't like it very much so I didn't take any pics, but I got one of her wrapped up in the towel after:

Today we went with my Dad for Sunday brunch at the Red Mill Inn. I had never been there before but it was very good. After that, Megan and Noah stopped by so we could see them. I took some pics, but won't share them until Halloween. We dressed the kids in their costumes and got some pics, but Megan hasn't told some people what Noah is dressing up as yet, so I don't want to ruin the surprise. So I'll post them later-they're too cute not to share!

Avery also blew her first raspberry yesterday! It was so cute! Gabe hasn't heard her do it yet...she did it a few times while I changed her, but hasn't really done many more since then. I hope she does them some more-they're too cute!

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