Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Shot Day x 2

Today was shot day.

My turn was first...when I went to the doctors last week, they wouldn't give me the flu shot since I was sick. So today I went back and got my flu shot. I swear it was the first shot I didn't feel-it was so fast and didn't hurt at all!

Then it was Avery's turn. Today was her 4 month well visit at the doctors. She weighed in at 13 pounds, 0.5 ounces and falls into the 40th percentile for weight. She is currently 25" long which is in the 75th percentile. The doctor was happy with her progress! She looks nice and healthy and is hitting her milestones as she should be. She had to get 3 vaccines today-1 oral one and 2 in the leg. She was a pro! The nurse gave her the tylenol and oral one first which is a piece of cake. She did the 2 in the leg and Avery let out 2 small cries and then was all happy and smiley! She acted like nothing happened! Gabe and I were so proud of her! When she had her shots last time, all she did was cry and sleep so I'm hoping today goes better. She fell asleep after her appointment (it was waaaay past nap time) and is still sleeping now, 2hours later. So we'll see what kind of mood she is in when she wakes up.

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