Saturday, December 17, 2011

34 Weeks-Baby #2

Wednesday I turned 34 weeks! I had my doctors appointment yesterday to check on the little bambino....

How I'm feeling/sleeping: I'll admit-the past week and a half have been pretty bad. My skin is itching me like crazy-head to toe 24/7. Last weekend I was up every hour on the dot overnight to scratch myself-it was terrible. A "good" night is me waking up only 3 times to scratch. I've tried everything-multiple moisturizers (Eucerin regular, Eucerin calming cream, Babyganics eczema cream), anti itch creams, steroid creams, oatmeal baths, and antihistamines....NOTHING gives me any relief. It's awful. I'm literally covered in bruises from all of the scratching-it's a site to see. Besides that, I'm doing ok.

Appointments/events: Had my appointment yesterday. I gained 1lb since my last visit (up a total of 18lbs)-how that's possible I have no idea! I told the doctor about my itching (it had just started at my last appt) so she sent me for bloodwork to check on my liver. I guess if you get bile in your bloodstream it causes severe itching so they're going to check that out. I'm hoping that's not the cause, but at the same time it would at least be an answer. She really said she had no other "tricks up her sleeve" for me to try so I might end up suffering until this itching goes away. I should have the results of the bloodwork hopefully Monday. She also said that the baby now feels head-down which is good. We will confirm that with an ultrasound at my next appointment in two weeks...we shall see!

Cravings/Aversions: Nothing really-no cravings, no strong aversions these days!

Movement: Yep! Lots of movements that you can see from the outside. Sometimes it hurts too! Baby has had hiccoughs quite a bit lately too!

Avery's thoughts: The other day she said to me "how's that baby doin' Mama?" Cracks me up!

Here are my photos from this week....the green shirt is me at 35 weeks with Avery (I look incredibly small in this pic) and the grey shirt is me on Wednesday at 34 weeks.

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