Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas-Day 3

Yesterday was day 3 of Christmas festivities.

My Dad had to work on Christmas Eve when we were in Buffalo, so we didn't get a chance to see him that day. Instead, they came out to our house to celebrate since we all had off of work yesterday.

They came out around noon and I just made us some appetizers to snack on.

Avery was very excited to open up her big gift!

It was the train table she desperately wanted!  My Grandpa also sent along a little gift for her-a little leap frog thing she can play with!
Silly Smile!

My Dad also got us our infant car seat and bases for the baby, so that was a big help!  We got the train table all set up and Avery had a blast playing with it!

Before they left, we had to get a family photo:
Dad, Avery, Me, Gabe

Shortly after my Dad left, we headed to my In-Laws' for our Christmas dinner. There were about 12 of us there and we had a really nice time.

The kids had their own kiddie table for dinner and were so cute sitting there together!

Owen, Bianca, Avery

We had our usual Christmas dinner which was excellent-soup, followed by salad, followed by shrimp scampi (chicken for me since I don't eat seafood), followed by filet and roasted squash. Delish!  And dessert of course! 

Gabe's birthday is on the 29th so we sang to him at dessert time

And of course the girls had to help blow out the candles!
So our celebrations for the year are officially over. Part of me is glad because now we can get Avery back on some sort of sleep schedule. Of course it's always sad to see the holidays go! Until next year.....

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