Sunday, December 11, 2011


I'll admit, I've been a slacker on my blog this week.

This week was just very, very busy.

My Mom came out for a visit Tuesday night and into Wednesday. I took advantage of having a babysitter and did some Christmas shopping on Wednesday. Thursday was work like normal. Friday I had a dentist appointment then took Avery to story time. Gabe had an employee only happy hour after work and didn't get home until after I went to bed.

Did I mention that we hosted a holiday party on Saturday?! Yeah, so between all of that, we were cleaning, baking, etc to get ready to host our first party in the new house. And did I mention that I'm almost 34 weeks pregnant?! Yeah, just when cleaning, etc needed to be done, all I wanted to do was sit on my butt and relax with my feet up. Not a good combination.

But I will say that the party was fabulous. We had a great turn out, got to show off the house, had some great food and even better company. It was wonderful!

So today I was thankful that we had nothing to do. ZERO.

Sounded like a good day to relax and bust out the gingerbread house kit I bought for Avery.

I ended up assembling it myself because she was being too grabby with it-she wanted to just reach in and eat the frosting so I took it in the other room to assemble.

After her (no) nap time, we did the decorating. And I think she really enjoyed it! I would put on frosting and just let her have at it. She lined the roof with gumdrops:

And decorated the roof with little colored balls:

And here is her masterpiece (she's saying "cheese"):

Of course all she wanted to do was eat the candy so at times it was hard to get her to actually decorate. I don't blame her though-that's the fun part is getting to eat the stuff that comes with it! But she had a great time and the house stayed together and turned out really cute.

I took a picture of each side of it as well:

Now my question you actually eat these things or what?!

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