Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I thought I'd give a few updates on things this week....

In my last pregnancy post, I mentioned having blood work done for my itching. I found out yesterday that 2 out of 3 tests came back normal. The third test had to be sent out for results so they won't have them until the end of the week. So I won't have a final answer until then. Yes I'm still itching-some days are ok, others are terrible. I just wish I knew the cause-allergies, weather, pregnancy, hormones, etc.

I also wanted to update on Avery's transition to her big girl bed. The first night, she did great. We put her to bed and she fell asleep rather quickly. We didn't hear from her all night long. The following morning, she showed up in our bedroom just before 8am. So she did manage to climb out of bed, open the door, and come to see us. So I knew we needed to gate her doorway.

I thought of just gating off the stairs, but honestly I don't want her running around all upstairs either-it would mean access to the baby's room, bathroom, and spare bedroom. I thought it was too risky so I decided to put a gate right across her doorway. Her door still shuts, but if she does open it, she can't escape. So on Friday I put the gate up.

Naptime both Friday and Saturday were a joke-she was so obsessed with having free reign of her room that she was constantly in and out of her bed. We would hear her door open and shut, light turning on and off, etc. Sunday she did take a nap though, which surprised me.

Bedtime has been ok. The one hard thing was we broke her routine of rocking with us at night. We used to sit in a rocking chair and read stories then sing songs. With the bed set up, there really is no room for the rocking chair in her room. And we knew we wanted it in the baby's room eventually. So I think that transition was a little tough-she kept wanting to rock before bed and instead we were trying to get her to lie down in bed and we would lie down with her. We still do stories and songs, but now in her bed.

Some nights she falls asleep rather easily (usually when she doesn't nap). She has had a few nights of crying for awhile until Gabe goes to sit with her and rub her back. She had one night that she was just off the wall wound up and we ended up leaving her in her room to play. She played for awhile then somehow made it to her bed.

The good thing is that once she's asleep, we typically don't hear from her at all overnight. We only had one night that she woke up screaming at 1am so I went down to check on her-she had turned her light on and was trying to open her door. I asked if she fell out of bed and she said yes, though I don't believe her-she tends to answer yes to anything you ask her these days. Luckily she fell back to sleep in about 10min and that was that. So far, so good with the whole bed thing!

Other than that, we've been gearing up for Santa's visit this weekend-finishing shopping, wrapping gifts, etc. Can't wait!

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