Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Garden Factory Fun

On Sunday, we did our annual trip to the Garden Factory. We have bought our tree there in the past, but with where we live now, it's quite a hike to get there. We didn't really want to drive across town with a tree strapped to the top of a car, so this year we didn't get ours there. But the one thing we always get there is pointsettias. We bought about a dozen of them for the house and they look great!

We met my in-laws there as well as my brother-in-law, niece, and nephew. Like I said, it's a famiy tradition to go there. And we made quite the day of it.

When we first got there, they had a Great Dane rescue group there with about 4 dogs. They are HUGE-I swear I've never seen dogs this big ever. The pictures don't to them justice! This grey one was the biggest of them, but what a sweetheart he was! I found out he weighs a "slim" 170lbs and is in his "skinny" season. He'll beef up another 30lbs in the next few months-yep, you're talking a 200lb dog! Yowza!
Here he is standing up-his head was up to my chest!
Avery loved him-she was going right up to him and petting this guy like crazy-and the dog was eating up all of the attention!
We did take Avery to see Santa, but since I was holding her, I didn't get any photos of the whole thing. She was all about sitting on his lap until we got up to him. Then she didn't want to. So I crouched down and she sat on my knee and talked to Santa. Yep, she actually told him what she wanted ("a train table and a bank"). He gave her a candy cane, which she tried and didn't like. We saw him walking around later in the day and she was waving and yelling "Hi Santa!" to him so that was cute.

After Santa, the girls were all about going on the rides....

They rode the train together-and wouldn't look at each other or even look happy for that matter. They had looks on their faces like they were being tortured....it was hysterical!

They went on the merry-go-round numerous times. Avery could ride the "horsies" all day long if we let her. I went on the first time and Gabe took her on a few times as well.
Avery and Bianca braved the big slide all by themselves. Avery had some trouble going up the stairs while carrying her sack and actually was crying when they sent her down the slide. She came running up to us crying after, but said she had fun. Needless to say, she didn't want to go down it again!

We took a break from some rides to look at the huge train display they have. It's quite impressive!

Avery wanted to get her hand painted so we went to see the clown doing face painting. She picked out a candy cane and did pretty well sitting still for her to paint it.

After the arm painting, the girls went on a few more rides and then we called it quits for the day. We literally were there for four hours and Avery did not want to leave! We had a lot of fun and it was such a nice day out that we all kept warm while there (usually the area they have all of this in is freezing). We'll definitely be back next year!

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