Wednesday, July 27, 2011

14 Weeks-Baby #2

I haven't really gotten the chance to talk much about this pregnancy yet.

So I'll start by saying that we found out we are expecting on May 27th. It was a Friday and Gabe and I had plans to meet for lunch that day (Avery and I go to his work to have lunch with him occasionally). After Gabe left for work, I took a home test and it came out positive. I know with my OB that I have to go there to confirm my results so after Avery and I got ready, we ran to my OB's office. They confirmed that I was pregnant! So I quickly took Avery to the Carter's store and picked up this shirt for her. When I got to Gabe's work, I called to tell him we were there and he came down to my car to meet us. When he opened the door to get Avery, she held the shirt out to him! Needless to say, he was a bit surprised!

We waited a few weeks to tell our parents and when we told them, we just had Avery wear the shirt and had them figure it out on their own. And they all got it pretty quickly!

I will say that being pregnant and having a toddler is a totally different ballgame! You just don't get any "down" time at all and it really wears you out by the end of the day.

I was nauseous this time from the get go---in fact I was feeling a little "off" a few days before taking my pregnancy test, which is what made me take it. With Avery my nausea was an all day thing but would come and go so I would at least get some relief. This time I'm not as lucky. My nausea has been all day, every day. From the second I get up until I go to bed all I feel is sick to my stomach-it's terrible. If I feel good for 5min a DAY, that's good! And lucky me even vomitted this time around (in a real classy manner-out the car door while driving!). After a few weeks of it not improving and trying everything imaginable (sour candy, gum, preggie pops, ginger ale, ginger tea, sea bands), I asked my OB for some help at my appointment. She suggested taking vitamin B6 and if that didn't help on its own to add in 1/2 of a unisom pill (which is a sleeping pill that helps with nausea). The B6 didn't do anything for me so after a day I added in the unisom. I would have given the B6 more time, but it was the weekend of Avery's birthday party and I really couldn't afford to be feeling crappy that weekend. Anyways, the meds helped a LOT! I'm still taking them now and hope to stop in the next few weeks. With Avery I was nauseous until about 15/16 weeks so I'm giving it a few more weeks. I'm afraid to stop taking it in fear of feeling like shit all day long.

Of course the sleeping pill makes me groggy in the morning and I just feel tired a lot. I'm not sure if its the sleeping pill making me tired all of the time, or what but I really just feel drained a lot of the time these days. I'm hoping my energy picks up soon!

I'm not in maternity clothes yet, but I am showing for sure. I feel really huge compared to last time already!

I haven't had any really strong cravings or aversions yet. I will say this though-nothing sounds appealing to me when it's time to eat. I literally will open the cabinets and just stare at the food and nothing sounds good to me at all. And I'm normally a girl who could eat ice cream every day and I haven't wanted it at all lately. It's not that the thought of it makes me gag, but I just don't really care if I have it or not. Which for me, is odd! So yeah, I've been very not into eating I guess you can say-which is hard when you're starving every two hours! It makes it hard to decide what to eat-and mostly I've been going for saltier foods. I really think I'm dehydrated to a point and it's my body's way of getting me to drink something. That's another thing-nothing to drink sounds good either. I normally drink water all day and lately it doesn't appeal to me-I drink it, but I'm just "eh" about it along with everything else.

So, I think I'm caught up now!

Here's a pic of me today at 14 weeks (left) and a pic of me at 15 weeks with Avery (right):

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