Sunday, July 24, 2011

Girly Girl

I paint my toes in the summer, as I'm sure most women do.

Avery was very quick to notice them when I painted them weeks ago. She would point and say "Mommy pink toes!" So I asked if she wanted hers to be pink as well and she would always tell me "No." One time she said yes, so I grabbed my polish only for her to freak out when I got near her.

So pretty much everyday I would just hear her say "Mommy pink toes" over and over.

On Friday she started saying it, but then she followed it with "Avery pink toes." So I asked if she wanted hers pink too. She just kept saying "Mommy pink toes, Avery pink toes." We went to the library for our usual story time and throughout the morning she kept bringing it up. So I said to her, "Ya know, Mommy can paint your toes pink later if you want." After she brought it up a few more times I asked again if she wanted them painted....and she replied "Yes!"

So while she ate lunch I grabbed my polish. She immediately put her foot up on the table (while eating) and I started to paint. As soon as she saw one of them pink she said "OOooohh!" and was all excited. So she let me finish all of them! After I finished she said "pink toes again!" I think she wanted me to keep painting!

And look how stinkin' cute these little pink toes are!
So now both Mommy and Avery have pink toes for the summer!

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