Thursday, July 7, 2011

House Update

Tuesday night, Gabe and I went out to the new house while my Mom stayed home with Avery. It was the first time I've been there in 2 weeks! Gabe goes pretty much every day but I haven't made the trek out there in awhile.

And I was surprised to pull up to almost a completely framed house!! (that's the builder's van in the driveway) I guess they're supposed to be done framing on Friday, which is also the day the windows are going in. And supposedly the roof starts going on next week!

The builder was still there when we arrived so we did a lot of talking with him before taking a walk around. He had us lay out where our recessed lights are going to go in both the family room and kitchen and we got that all measured out.

Then we took a walk around!

In this pic I'm standing in the foyer looking towards the office and stairs:

In the foyer looking towards the dining room:

Standing in the kitchen area looking at the family room (fireplace in the center of the wall):

In the family room looking at the kitchen (the island is laid out on the floor):

Master bedroom (Gabe and the builder in the walk-in closet):

Master Bath:

2nd bath upstairs:

Bedroom #2:

Bedroom #3:

Bedroom #4:

It's amazing how quickly things change, that's for sure!

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Joelle said...

woah! looks great!! how exciting!!