Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Weekend

We had a very nice long weekend!

First of all, the weather was gorgeous all weekend so there was nothing to complain about that!

On Saturday, we went to a family reunion out in Auburn for the day. It was for Gabe's Mom's side of the family. They had it at a cousin's house on Owasco lake. It was a beautiful day and we had a really great time! Avery spent a lot of time in the water, which was surprising to us. Of course there was a ton of food and lots of people there. I didn't bring my camera at all so I didn't take any pictures.

Sunday we didn't do too much. We took Avery to get her 2yr photos done at Penney's in the morning and that was about it. The rest of the day we just hung around the house and played with Avery a lot. Just a relaxing day for us.

Today was a pretty busy day for us. In the morning we went to Chase Farm Market to do some strawberry picking. We had to take a tractor out to the picking field. Avery started to cry because she was afraid of it, but once she got on, she loved it.

Here she is with Gabe on the tractor:

Some pics of the picking fields:

Once we got to the field, we were assigned a picking spot. I really thought Avery would have a blast, but I was wrong. The entire time she was whining/talking about the dumb tractor and had to have Gabe hold her! So I did most of the berry picking. The only thing we could get her to do was eat some strawberries.

Here she is showing off a funky one Gabe found:

This was our designated spot:

I think we picked for maybe 25mins or so...maybe not even that long. Here was our container when we decided to call it quits:

Once done, we had to walk quite a ways to get to where they weigh them up and you pay for them. I really wanted to pick some raspberries too, but with Avery not being that "into" it, we decided we were done. So we waited for the tractor to come and get us and again Avery cried and didn't want to go on. Once on, she didn't want to get off....silly girl!

Avery and Gabe walked around a bit looking at the goats and horses they had, then we all sat down for a yummy treat. Avery had ice cream and Gabe and I shared a strawberry shortcake-which was out of this world!

After Avery's nap, we went over his parents' house for a cookout. His parents have a purple raspberry bush in the yard so they had a container of them out. You would have thought they were candy the way Avery was shoveling them in her mouth:

Look at that face!

The kids had fun playing in the water. Avery kept filling this thing with water and then dumping it out:

Owen wearing his "hat" (I think it was a rolled up piece of sandpaper!):

No fireworks for us this year-too late for Avery and who knows if she would have even liked them. Maybe next year!

Happy Independence Day!

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