Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Three Years

I remember....

barely sleeping the night before. friends showing up at my Mom's to get their hair done. eating pastries. having my hair done. rushing to get my makeup just right. flowers arriving and I didn't get to really look at them. going to the bathroom before getting dressed and taking a deep breath and looking at myself in the mirror. my Dad showing up and I wasn't in my dress just yet. having my dress zipped up and feeling like a princess. pictures at my Mom's. taking a ride in the limo on the way to church so we could actually have some time in it! parking outside church and seeing people walking in. just my maid of honor and I sitting in the limo and waiting. getting the ok to come out and that the procession had started. waiting outside the church doors nervous and excited. standing with my dad at the end of the aisle. walking down the aisle looking for Gabe and when I finally saw him, I lost it. trying not to do the ugly cry. seeing him beaming and waiting for me. the mass-the readings, music we chose. saying our vows and exchaging rings. the kiss. seeing everyone at the receiving line. getting in the limo with everyone this time. pictures at the park and having it rain shortly after arriving and cutting our shoot short. seeing the reception hall all set up for us-beautiful. cocktail hour-too busy to eat. waiting to be announced and hearing our music play-got us so pumped up and excited. eating dinner and stopping to see all of the wonderful people that were there just for us. cutting the cake. first dance. dancing all night even though my dress was hurting me. having him by my side all night. never wanting the night to end.

Yeah, I remember it like it was yesterday. Three years....it feels like yesterday, it feels like an eternity ago (how is that possible?).

Best night of my life.

Happy Anniversary Gabe! To many, many more years together!

And my wonderful husband sent me these beautiful flowers at work:

and my Mom sent us these strawberries-so huge and SOOOO good!


Joelle said...

so sweet.. those strawberries look amazing! Happy Anniversary!

Nicole said...

The strawberries were fantastic :)