Friday, July 22, 2011

Spray Park = FAIL!

We've had quite a stretch of heat around here lately!

Wednesday was in the low 90s, yesterday we broke a record and got up to 98, and today we're in the low 90s again! It's pretty toasty out there!

On Wednesday, I decided to take Avery to a spray park to try do to something outside that would be "cool". I found one very close to us and figured we'd try it. So, I got her in her bathing suit, packed up a bag and off we went.

It was a decent sized spray park (although I'm told it's small) and maybe 10 kids at most were least half of them were Avery's age or younger.

Here's a pic of some of it: And with more fountains going:

And what did my daughter want to do??


Yep, she sat in the swing for a half an hour and wouldn't go near the darn water. After pushing her for 15mins, I was drenched in sweat (did I mention it was in the 90s??). I picked her up, took her to the water and ran through part of a sprinkler with her. Well, you would have thought the world ended! This child had a complete meltdown! So....back to the swing we went for another 15min before I decided it was time to go home and cool off.

The thing I don't get? At daycare they claim she runs through the sprinkler/plays in water daily. Yet at home, she won't get within 10ft of a sprinkler or go near her pool. It makes no sense. Maybe the peer pressure makes her go in?! Who knows!

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