Friday, December 26, 2008

Buffalo Whirlwind

Our Christmas visit to Buffalo this year was a 24 hour whirlwind...we were pretty much on the go the entire time we were there. We left Rochester around 12:30 on Christmas Eve and went to my Mom's house. Around 4 we went to my cousin Rachel's house like we do every year-it was very nice-we watched the kids open gifts, had some yummy food, and ended the evening reading the kids a Christmas story like we do every year.
Taylor and Eddie opening gifts:

The self-portraitGabe and I reading to the kids:From there, we went to Gabe's friend's parents' house (got all that?). His friend, Rob and his wife live in Cleveland-Rob's parents live in Buffalo. His parents invite us for a party every year but we never end up making it. This year we really wanted to get there because we knew Rob would be there. They just had a baby about a month ago, so we wanted to try and see her too!
Beth, Rob, Gabe and I (can this count as my belly pic of the week?):

After that, we went to my friend Katie's parents' house. She and her husband and son are in from Nebraska. We usually try to see her at the holidays too since they only come twice a year or so. We stayed there until after midnight, then went back to my Mom's and crashed.

Christmas day we were up bright and early to do gifts, then a few of my cousins came over for breakfast. We left my Mom's around noon to go and visit my Dad, then left there around 1:30 to head home for more chaos....
My cousin Jessica's daughter, Madyson (2yrs old):Jessica's son Cayden (5 mos old):

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