Sunday, December 14, 2008

Family Holiday Party

Today was our family holiday party. For Gabe's family, we don't get together with extended family on Christmas eve or day-its too hard with them all having kids and grandkids of their own so we typically have a get together a few weeks before the holiday. Today we had the party at Northampton Park near Brockport-they rented a shelter there. It was pretty nice. It was our first time there and the shelter had a nice fire place which kept it nice and toasty. There was a TON of food as always-lots of appetizers, and our main meal was Italian this year-lasagna, ravioli, meatballs, sausage, bread, salad, and a few other pasta dishes. Then birthday cake, peanut butter pie and cookies for can you go wrong? Gabe's Mom brings gingerbread house kits for the kids to do while there-its a cute idea and the kids love it! We had a really good time and it was good to see everyone before the holidays-hard to believe it's right around the corner!

The good news? I'm done Christmas shopping :) The bad news? I still have to wrap everything and bake cookies!

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