Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Finally-a few days off!

Today was my last day of work before Christmas-it feels SO good to be done! They are open tomorrow and the schedule is insane so I'm so glad I won't be there for it! I'm outta there until Monday! The next 48 hours will be a whirlwind....Gabe works in the morning tomorrow-while he's there, I'll be getting the car packed up for Buffalo. We'll leave around noon for Buffalo, go to my cousin's for our party around 4, then stop at my girlfriend's parents house to visit since she's in from NE. If we get a chance, we'll also stop and see one of Gabe's friends whose parents also live in Buffalo-they'll be in from OH so it would be nice if we could see them as well. Christmas morning, my Mom has a few other cousins over for breakfast, then we're off to see my Dad, then back to Rochester for dinner with my in-laws. Yep, a complete whirlwind as always! It'll be fun though and I can't wait to see everyone so I don't mind-as long as the weather cooperates for driving. Plus we have Friday off and the weekend to recover so that'll be nice. This is my first few days off since the wedding in July so it's much needed! Then it's a long haul until our next "real" day off at memorial day. But I have a feeling I'll be taking a vacation week in there somewhere. I'll need it for my sanity :) Anyways, I probably won't get to write until after Christmas, so I hope everyone has a wonderful, safe holiday!

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