Monday, December 15, 2008

Finally I can post about it....

It's been weeks of waiting, but I can finally say it on here-I'm pregnant!!

Gabe and I found out Nov. 2nd (our 5 year dating anniversary) and were totally surprised. I took a test just for the hell of it and we never thought it would be positive....well, 3 tests later and 3 were positive! It's amazing-we never thought it would happen so fast. Like I said, we didn't expect it, but we are thankful-there are so many people out there who try for years with no luck so we aren't complaining that's for sure!

We both went to my first OB appointment together-it was a lot of health history questions then they weighed me, took my blood pressure, etc. They gave me a due date of June 26th but decided to send me for an ultrasound to verify since my cycles weren't that regular. We decided to wait to tell our family until they could all be together and to wait to tell everyone else until I was 12 weeks along....that was the hardest part-waiting about 4 weeks to tell ANYONE our news!

The first ultrasound was awesome-I think that really hit home that this was happening. We got to see the baby and hear the heartbeat which was really cool. And I was as far along as they thought so my due date hasn't changed at all which is good.

So how are things going so far? Well, Gabe has already started on the nursery-the room started out all white so we're obviously painting it. We're not finding out what sex the baby is so we chose a pale yellow color for the room. He's also ripping down our baseboard molding which is about 7" tall and getting that stripped down to the natural wood and staining it. I think it'll look nice. We'll get the floors in there refinished as well-there's no carpet so that shouldn't be too bad. As for me-I'll tell you two things: 1) "morning sickness" sucks-for me it lasts all day everyday. No throwing up (thank God) but feeling nauseous all.the.time. It's awful. 2) I'm sick of eating and food. I never thought I'd say it, but it's true. I'm starving all of the time. Starving like I haven't eaten in days (not minutes). After grazing all day, you start to run out of things to eat and day after day of eating the same things gets old real fast. So yep, I'm sick of food. For example-I just ate carrots with dip and 2 pieces of pizza for dinner 20mins ago and I'm already hungry. I hate it! My other thing is that I've been anti-meat for the past few weeks. If it's mixed up in something, I'm ok (hamburger helper, chicken in salad, etc), but the thought of eating a slab of chicken just grosses me out. Other than that, things are well-I'm still wearing normal clothes, although they're not as comfortable as they once were. I'm still working out like normal, just trying to take it easy. So overall I'm doing well, just hoping this morning sickness goes away soon.

Our families were excited about the news-we told my Mom and his parents on Thanksgiving since they were all there and we told my Dad that weekend in Buffalo. We bought them all baby related gifts-"grandma's brag book" photo albums for the Moms and "I love Grandpa" frames for the Dads-they were all very surprised and are very excited about the new arrival.

I'm going to try to post pictures of my progress-I already took a few photos, but nothing really looks that different yet, but I'm sure that'll change soon! I have my second appointment and an ultrasound tomorrow so I'll update about that later this week as well!
The day after we found out-I was about 6 weeks along: (a lovely self-portrait, I know!)

7 weeks:9 Weeks:11 Weeks:


buffalojoe said...

YAY!!! Congratulations ~ I'm excited for you and love the fact that you're keeping it a surprise. The morning sickness sucks, hope it gets better soon!

Love ya...

Katie said...

Congrats Gabe and Colee!!!! The al-day-morning-sickness will pass and it will be the awesome-est experience. As mich as I hated getting pocked and prodded, I miss being pregnant. Parenthood is even better. So excited for you guys!