Monday, December 8, 2008

Tree Shopping

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree....

Our tree the past few years? Charlie Brown style. Gabe never got his own tree and when I moved into my apartment out here, I didn't have one either. I wasn't going to get one and then it was about 2 weeks before Christmas and it just didn't feel like it to me. So I went to Target and got a $20 fake tree that was about 6' tall and looked like a Charlie Brown tree. Anyways, that's the tree we've been using the past few years. This year, my Mom offered to buy us a nice artificial tree for our Christmas gift. We did some thinking about it and decided we wanted to get a real tree instead. So my Mom gave us part of our gift on Thanksgiving-a tree stand and tree skirt for our real tree.

I grew up with real trees and love them. Gabe has never had a real one....ever. So, I decided to ease him into the real tree thing by getting one that was pre-cut. Maybe in a few years we'll go cut our own down. Good thing that's what we chose because we picked the coldest possible day to go tree shopping!

So yesterday was the big day to go tree hunting. We went to garden factory and most of the trees were $50-$60 which we didn't want to spend. They had one tree that was $30 but I didn't like the fact that there was only 1 to choose from. So we went to Home Depot across the street. The problem? The trees were outside and it was about 10 degrees out! Most of their trees were wrapped up so you couldn't see them. They had maybe 10 unwrapped and most were too tall for our house. After about 10mins and our hands being numb, Gabe grabbed a tree and said "this is the one, I don't care what it looks like" and ran towards the car with the tree. It was hysterical! And for $30 it was fine by me. So, since the tree was outside, it has to sit and thaw-it'll be put up tonight.

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