Sunday, December 28, 2008

Weekend Rest

Luckily Gabe and I both had off on Friday and the weekend so we had some time to regroup from the chaotic holidays. Friday we did a whole lot of nothing-just did stuff around the house and relaxed.

Saturday we did a little running around-old navy, target, lowe's, and mattress shopping! We have known we wanted to get a king sized bed eventually, we just didn't think it would happen already. Gabe's friend's girlfriend is a manager at a local mattress place so just for the heck of it we stopped by to check things out. Let me tell ya, we got a heck of a deal! We probably wouldn't have bought something already, but we couldn't pass it up-its a pretty high end mattress and they have it in stock and are trying to get rid of it (its a 2008 model and the 2009's are coming out). So we got a great discount and it's getting delivered on Wednesday! We can't wait!

Today we did some more running around-barnes and noble, BB&B, and to Simon's to look at baby furniture. Holy overwhelming! I never saw so many cribs that look alike! I swear we had no clue where to start. After being there 2 hours we found a few sets we like. Of course some of them were out of our price range, but we did find one that was decently priced. We didn't buy anything, but we have some good ideas and the one we liked is on sale until the end of Jan so we have a few weeks to think about it. But man, I didn't expect that to be so difficult! I'm actually dreading baby registering....our wedding registry took FOREVER to do so I'm dreading going through all that again-and baby stuff is so foreign to me I have no clue what to look for, etc. I ended up buying a "baby bargain" book that will hopefully help out with things. We also stopped at Coldstone Creamery today too-tomorrow is Gabe's birthday so he gets his free ice cream for that. YUM! Unfortunately it's back to work tomorrow-I have Wed and Thurs off which will be nice, but then that's it for a loooong time. Ugh!

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