Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Cont'd

Ok so we got home from my Dad's around 3 (we were supposed to be at Gabe's parents at 3)-we literally unloaded our car, reloaded the car and headed to his parents. We got together with his sister and her family. Her husband's parents and brother also came which was nice.
Bianca opening our gift-a cabbage patch doll!:Mark with Bianca and Owen:Bianca with Uncle Gabe:We were there until around 10pm then we came home and opened up our gifts. Of course Jerri got some new toys which she enjoyed as well! All in all, the holiday was very nice-just very busy as always which makes it really fly by. We got a lot of nice gifts (and so did the baby!) and it was great to see everyone.
Jerri playing with her new mouse:

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