Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Enough Snow Already!

Yep, another lovely snow storm hit us last night and today-I'm really done with the whole winter thing already! We had a few inches when I woke up this morning and it just snowed all day today. Luckily we had some patients cancel today so our day was lighter than expected-although I was still stuck there a half hour late! Then I had to unbury my car from the 6"+ of snow that fell during the day and drive home. They're saying a few more inches overnight-probably a foot or so total-yuck! Oh and did I mention that this is supposedly the coldest January in 30 years? That means the coldest one since I've been born-that's just crazy!! So please tell me---how many weeks until spring? I'm ready for it NOW!

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Kiki said...

I know how you feel, needing to run the snowblower two, three times in one day is just too much!!