Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wedding Album

We went to Buffalo for the weekend and while we were there, we picked up our wedding album. It. is. AMAZING. That's all I can say! They emailed us awhile ago telling us it was online and to check it out. And we did and loved it. But in person, it's so much better. The colors just pop and it looks incredible! Everyone we have shown it to has never seen an album like this before. It's a coffee table type of book and the pictures are sort of collaged. It's not the standard album with one photo per page. It's more like an actual book than a photo album. And we love it!! If you want to see the online version of it just click here then go to "weddings" then "online weddings". Find "Nicole and Gabriel on 7/19"-this will take you to all of our wedding photos. If you go to the very last page, that's where the album pages are located. Take a look if you want!

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