Thursday, January 1, 2009

Goodbye 2008! Hello 2009!

Happy New Year everyone! It's hard to believe it's now 2009! I remember when it was turning the year 2000 and there was so much buzz going on about Y2K, etc. And to think that was 9 years ago! Wow!

Gabe and I rang in the new year by having some people over. My Mom came in from Buffalo, Gabe's parents came, Molly, Mark and the kids, Gabe's old coworker and his wife (Jeff and Mandy), our neighbors (Dan and Kate), and a few of his friends stopped by earlier for a bit (Randy and Josh). We had a good time! Jeff brought over Rock Band to play on our xbox so that was fun seeing everyone play around with that.
Mom, Gabe, Molly, Mark, and Jeff all watching Rock Band:
Mom jammin' on the guitar:Gabe and Jeff playing away:We turned on the TV with 5mins to spare and caught Dick Clark doing the countdown to ring in the new year. Everyone left by 1am and we just did a little cleaning up before going to bed (our first night in our NEW bed!). All in all, it was a nice evening!
Oh, and our cat, Jerri was very naughty with our company. Since we've had her, we haven't had a ton of people over at once-the most was probably Gabe's parents and sister's family. So needless to say, she was not happy that there were a lot of people invading her space. She's normally a pretty friendly cat-she has her moments where she doesn't want to be petted and she'll bite (she is still a youngin'). But this night, she was not having it. She actually hissed at our neighbor, my Mom and our nephew and even took a few swings at Gabe and I. I think she was a little over stimualted by everything going on. This is her watching Rock Band from her "safe place" before the hissing took place:

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