Friday, September 25, 2009


I'm apologizing ahead of time that I don't have any pics of this recipe. We've made these numerous times in the past and I've never thought of putting the recipe on here until it was requested! So next time I make them, I'll have to take some photos!

pizza dough (I buy the pre-made Wegman's dough balls)
sauce (I prefer spaghetti sauce instead of pizza sauce)
16oz ricotta cheese
1 egg
garlic salt
mozzarella cheese
any toppings you like (we usually do pepperoni or sausage)

1. Bring pizza dough to room temp. The dough balls come partially frozen so you have to let them get to room temperature and rise.
2. Spread out dough onto large pan. I use a pizza stone (for a large pizza) and spread it out on there. You could probably use a 9x13" pan as well.
3. Mix ricotta, egg, garlic salt and parsley. I don't measure the salt or parsley, I just add a few sprinkles of each.
4. Spread ricotta mixture onto half of the dough. Sprinkle mozzarella cheese on top of ricotta mixture-add as much as you like! Add the rest of the toppings on top of the cheeses.
5. Take the non-topped dough and fold it over on top of the topped dough to create the calzone pocket. Pinch to seal the edges of the dough together.
6. Bake at 375 for roughly 40min-again I don't really time it, I just keep peeking at it until the dough looks cooked through. Sometimes it browns, sometimes it doesn't.
7. Slice calzone and serve with a side of sauce for dipping!

You could make this more complicated and make your own dough-I prefer the already made dough just because it's easier and saves time (and tastes just as good if you ask me!). You also could cut the dough before you spread it out to create personal sized calzones. We usually just make one monster sized one, but you could do individual ones if you like different toppings in yours, etc. This has definitely become one of our favorite stand-by meals!

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