Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fun Times at the Vet

Today I took Jerri to the vet for her annual exam. She didn't need any shots today-just an exam. Boy was it fun! Haha!

Her and I got there (Gabe stayed home with Avery) and they weighed her-8.7lbs. The tech left the room and said the doc would be right in. Jerri was just cowered over on the exam table. I was sitting on a bench in there with her box next to me. Jerri started eyeballing the box and moving toward it so I thought she wanted to get in. All of a sudden she bolted underneath the bench! So here I am crawling on the floor trying to coax her out-she's hissing like crazy at me! Now normally she's a very good cat, but under these circumstances I didn't trust her. So after a few minutes of no success I just sat back down and waited.

The doctor comes in (who looked about 20) and I tell her the cat's under the bench. She gets on the floor with me and is using her pen as a toy trying to coax Jerri out. She reaches for her-Jerri hisses numerous times. I had a towel in Jerri's box so the doc tried using the towel to grab her-she hissed and growled like crazy and the doc couldn't get her. She says "I'm going to get some gloves".

She brings in the vet tech we started with (who was about 90lbs soaking wet and looked about 12yrs old)-the tech had these huge gloves that went up past her elbows and were studded with some sort of metal looking reinforcements. She goes under the bench and grabs the cat-boy did she let her have it! Jerri hissed, growled, bit her arm, etc like a lunatic! She had to hold Jerri on the table for the entire exam-and Jerri hated every second! She hissed and growled more than I've ever heard! Once they got Jerri back in her box the doctor told me she looked nice and healthy, but if she gets any worse at her next appointment we'll have to give her a sedative before each appointment! Crazy cat!

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