Saturday, September 19, 2009

Enjoying Her Toys

Avery has been at the stage where she's starting to enjoy her toys more. She has been hitting at a few things hanging from her car seat and I recently brought down some more of her toys from her room for her to play with. The past few days we've had blanket time where I put her down on a blanket and we play with toys.
Here are a few pics from the first day of blanket time:

In these ones she actually grabbed the toy and started swinging it around:

Yesterday she fell asleep in her swing with her hand in her mouth (we're still working on the whole keep-the-thumb-in-your-mouth part of thumb sucking):

Blanket time yesterday and "hugging" her toy:

Daddy and Avery:

This morning I sat her up on the couch to see how well she could sit. She doesn't have 100% head control yet, but she just looked so darn cute!

Gabe took her to the market today with his family while I went to the gym. We have a block party later today so I made a salad (recipe to come next) for it. I really need to do some vacuuming around here-we'll see if that gets done. Tomorrow we're going to go apple picking and I have some stuff to do to get ready to go to work on Monday. Yay for weekends!

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