Sunday, September 20, 2009

Apple Picking Virgins

Today Gabe and I took Avery apple picking! I've always wanted to go and it was such a beautiful day out so we decided to take advantage of it. There are tons of places out here to do apple picking, but we chose to go to Whittier Fruit Farm. I had googled a bunch of places but thought we'd try out this one first. The farm itself was very nice. They had a small store there also, but it didn't really have much. I sort of expected more from that. But anyways, here are some pics when we first got there and were getting ready to get started:

I couldn't believe how many trees they had and I was surprised at how low the apples grow! I expected having to climb up the trees to get them, but you didn't need a ladder at all.
We got to ride on this tractor thing to get out to the orchard-that was fun!

They were picking 4 kinds of apples today-Cortlands, McIntosh, Gala, and Gingergold. They had 2 stops-the first was cortlands and I like those so we got off there. Here's Avery napping under an apple tree:

The rows of Cortland trees:

Gabe picking his apples (doesn't he look thrilled?!):

The self portrait by the cortlands:

Cortland tree shots:

Once we picked a bunch of them, we walked to the other area where the 3 other types were. I'm not a big green apple fan so we skipped the gingergolds. We went to the Macs next which are my fave so we loaded up on them. They were pretty picked over so you really had to hunt in the trees for them. There were also a TON on the ground, but who wants those?! We stopped at the Galas, which I had never had, and I wasn't thrilled. They sort of reminded me of red delicious which I hate
Avery decided to wake up and guard them for us:

The apples were cheap- 65 cents a pound. We ended up with 19lbs of apples (wow!) and it was a little over $12 which isn't bad at all. So now what do we do with them? Well, we came home and I already made a batch of applesauce, which is soooooo good! The rest are in the fridge-I'll take them for lunch this week and maybe make an apple crisp and the apple bars again. In the meantime, Avery is going to play with them!

and have fun with Mommy and Daddy:

We had a cute shot of Jerri checking out Avery the other day too:

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