Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We Survived!

We have officially survived my first two days back at work! I started back on Monday and things went smoothly in the morning-I got up a half hour earlier than normal, got myself ready, then around 6:50 went in to a sleeping baby. I woke her up just enough for her to eat then when she finished I put her back in her crib and she fell back asleep. I got all of my things packed up and left the house on time. Gabe got himself ready while I was feeding her then after I left he got her up and dressed and out the door. She spent Monday at his parents' house along with Owen and Bianca. It sounds like all went well there. I got to their house after work and she was crying because she was hungry so I stayed there and fed her. We got home later than expected and it was a hectic night trying to unpack, clean then repack everything for Tuesday, but we got it all done. When I got home, I had a surprise-Gabe bought me this beautiful bouquet which was very, very sweet of him! It's so pretty!

Yesterday we did the same thing except she went to an in-home daycare. She did very well and only fussed when tired or hungry like usual. All of the little girls there had fun with her and I was told she was smiling at them all day! Again she was hungry when I picked her up so I fed her right when we got home and she was all set. She went to bed pretty early last night because she had been up earlier than normal both days and didn't nap much. Today I'm home with her and we've just been hanging around the house spending time with each other. Then I work tomorrow and that's it for the week which is nice. I think this schedule will work out pretty well-it's nice getting out of the house and seeing everyone and I have a few days to spend with my little pumpkin!

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