Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

It's the unofficial end of summer (what summer?) ...Labor Day weekend. And this year, you couldn't have asked for a better weekend-the weather was nicer this weekend than it's been all summer!

Gabe and his Dad went to Toronto Fri-Sat to see the Yankees play the Blue Jays, so I decided to make a trip to Buffalo for a visit.

I got there around 12:30 on Friday and we went to my Mom's work to show off Avery. Then my cousin Rachel and her two kids, Taylor and Eddie came over for a turkey dinner. It was so yummy! Rachel and the kids haven't seen Avery in awhile so while Rachel was holding her, I snapped a few cute pics:

Love this face:

Had to get one of the cute outfit:

Saturday I went over my friend Megan's house to see her and Noah. We had a nice visit and the kids smiled and laughed at each other-it was so cute! I forgot to bring along my camera though so I didn't get any pics of them. I left Buffalo Saturday around 7 and had an interesting ride home. Avery decided to scream all the way to the Pembroke rest stop. I pulled over there and took her carrier out of the car and tried swinging her around-didn't really help much (not to mention I looked like an idiot to the other drivers pulling in!). She started to whimper when I put her back in the car and I just turned off the radio and "Sssshhhd" her for awhile. By the time we hit Batavia, she was asleep and stayed asleep the rest of the way (thank God!).

Yesterday we wanted to do something as a family, so we decided to go to Highland Park for a picnic! We packed up some sandwiches and went and enjoyed the nice weather. We tried taking Avery for a walk around the park after, but she wasn't digging it-she cried most of the time so we left a little earlier than we would have liked. But it was nice anyways!
Daddy and Avery:

Mommy and Avery:

This morning we started off with some good ol' tummy time:
Love her blue eyes in this pic!

I went to the gym for a pilates class which I haven't taken since probably around Christmas time. It felt good to go back, but man was it tough! You don't realize what good shape you're in until you stop doing things for awhile and then go back and try doing them! I'm dying to see if I'll be sore tomorrow! We went to Gabe's parents' house for dinner today. Avery enjoyed the meal:

and some flying time with Daddy:

and of course had on a cute outfit:

So our weekend was pretty busy but very nice as well. It's sad to see summer go though-I like the fall, but it only means one thing is coming....and I'm not even going to mention it! Happy end of summer!

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