Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Gabe and I decided awhile ago that we were going to do sign language with Avery. My sister-in-law taught both my neice and nephew and it was the cutest thing, and also helpful as well.

We started very early with her-probably before she was 6 months old. We only did a few signs to begin with because we didn't want to overload her. A few weeks ago, she finally started to sign back! It's so freakin cute-I can't stand it! As of today she is doing 4 signs (she just started her 4th yesterday)...she does "all done", "milk", "thank you" and "more". Right now I think she mostly does it when we say it to her, but she has done "all done" and "milk" on her own without prompting!

I caught her on video the other day doing "thank you":

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