Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Night BBQ

Tonight we got together with two of Avery's daycare friends. The three girls are all very close in age so we try to get together once a month or so.

This ended up being sort of a last minute thing, but we had a blast! The husbands all came along as well. Claire, Brian and Amelia (14mos) hosted and Lisa, Mark and Josie (5 days older than Avery) came along too.

We had a very nice cookout. It was a perfect day and we got to eat outside on the deck. They had a kiddie pool set up and Amelia and Josie were in it quite a bit. Avery is still in her water-phobic stage so she stayed clear of the pool. Instead she sat in the grass (and didn't move-she hates the grass too!) and pointed at the girls in the pool:

Josie checking out the pool:

Avery playing with the ball:

While we were there, Josie showed off her new moves-she took a few steps for us! It was so exciting!

We always try to do a group shot which is always tricky...trying to get 3 of them to look at the camera at the same time is a joke! Haha! But we got a few cute ones!

Josie and Avery were all about showing each other some love-it was so cute!

I think this is when Avery wanted to give her a kiss....

More group shots:

Good food, good company and great fun! Looking forward to our next get together!

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